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  1. present participle of facet

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In geometry, facetting (also spelled 'faceting') is the process of removing parts of a polygon, polyhedron or polytope, without creating any new vertices.
Facetting is the reciprocal or dual process to stellation. For every stellation of some convex polytope, there exists a dual facetting of the dual polytope.


Facetting has not been studied as extensively as stellation.
In 1619, Kepler described a regular compound of two tetrahedra which fits inside a cube, and which he called the Stella octangula. This seems to be the first known example of facetting.
In 1974, Bridge enumerated the more straightforward facettings of the regular polyhedra, including those of the dodecahedron.
In 2006, Inchbald described the basic theory of facetting diagrams for polyhedra. For some vertex, the diagram shows all the possible edges and facets (new faces) which may be used to form facettings of the original hull. It is dual to the dual polyhedron's stellation diagram, which shows all the possible edges and vertices for some face plane of the original core.


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